Brands Vishay
Date Code 2021
Clean Part Number SIS892DN-T1-GE3
Quantity 1
Description MOSFET,N CH,DIODE,100V,30A,PPAK12128; Transistor Polarity:N Channel; Continuous Drain Current Id:30A; Drain Source Voltage Vds:100V; On Resistance Rds(on):0.024ohm; Rds(on) Test Voltage Vgs:10V; Threshold Voltage Vgs:1.2V; Power Dissipation Pd:3.7W; Transistor Case Style:PowerPAK 1212; No. of Pins:8Pins; Operating Temperature Max:150°C; Product Range:-; Automotive Qualification Standard:-; MSL:MSL 1 - Unlimited; Current Id Max:8A; Operating Temperature Min:-55°C; Operating Temperature Range:-55°C to +150°C; Voltage Vgs Max:20V