At Express Electronics, we’re always buying and selling electronic components from all over the globe. At last count, we had 175,000 lines in stock available for next-day shipping. However, that number is always increasing as we strive to become the largest electronic component supplier in the world.

Of course! Our network of suppliers, manufacturers, and even other clients gives us access to a massive electronics chain, meaning that even if we don’t have your request in stock, we can still locate it for you! Once you tell us what you need, you’ll have a quote within 30 minutes!

When working with Express Electronics, you’ll enjoy a tailor-made, flexible, and one-on-one solution for your electronic needs. That’s why we’ve hired the most skilled account managers we could find, as they can help you with discounts, scheduled orders, and much more! Contact us today to learn more.

We use trusted carriers such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS, to provide you with a transparent tracking process and a tracking number as soon as your item has been dispatched.

No, once you finalise your order and we collect everything you need in one place, we’ll generate an invoice that details the cost of components, shipping, and VAT at checkout.

Yes. At Express Electronics, compliance is a priority of ours.  We value our clients’ trust in our services and give them a solution they can use with confidence.  You can request a certificate of conformance when you receive your quote or at checkout, and our professionals will send one your way.

Of course! We buy excess electronic components from all over the globe every single day from companies, hobbyists and factories.  If you have a list of components, you can get a fair offer in less than 24 hours, and if you don’t, we can arrange delivery to our facilities for sorting, listing, and then sending over an offer!

We deliver and buy components from and to all over the globe, making high-quality electronic components accessible and available to everyone.

Yes. Our sales department can arrange a trade/credit account for you that’ll help you with future projects, orders, and in building long-term partnerships with our staff.

If we can’t find them, then they don’t exist. Our team is specialised and known in the industry for being the electronic component detectives and finding obsolete, extremely rare, and outdated components in perfect condition. If our team runs out of options, we’ll provide you with viable alternatives that will bring your projects to life!

Yes, we can help you co-ordinate a pickup location, date, and time for your courier, or we can ship your order through your DHL, UPS, or TNT account. If you use other couriers, please let us know before checking out so we can guarantee your order will reach you!

Yes! All our operations adhere to the ISO 9001:2015 regulations and requirements, keeping our systems up to par and our clients happy with their orders 100% of the time.

Yes, all our components come with guaranteed form, fit, and function.