Date Code
Clean Part Number CPC5602CTR
Quantity 1000
Description The CPC5602 is an N-channel depletion mode Field Effect Transistor (FET) that utilizes IXYS Integrated Circuits Division’s proprietary third generation vertical DMOS process. The third generation process realizes world class, high voltage MOSFET performance in an economical silicon gate process. The vertical DMOS process yields a highly reliable device, particularly in difficult application environments such as telecommunications, security, and power supplies. One of the primary applications for the CPC5602 is as a linear regulator/hook switch for the LITELINK family of Data Access Arrangements (DAA) Devices CPC5620A, CPC5621A, and CPC5622A. The CPC5602 has a typical on-resistance of 8, a drain-to-source voltage of 350V, and is available in an SOT-223 package. As with all MOS devices, the FET structure prevents thermal runaway and thermal-induced secondary breakdown.