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Clean Part Number AT-42086-TR1G
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Description Avago’s AT-42086 is a general purpose NPN bipolar transistor that off ers excellent high frequency performance. The AT-42086 is housed in a low cost surface mount .085" diameter plastic package. The 4 micron emitter-to-emitter pitch enables this transistor to be used in many diff erent functions. The 20 emitter fi nger interdigitated geometry yields a medium sized transistor with impedances that are easy to match for low noise and medium power applications. Applications include use in wireless systems as an LNA, gain stage, buff er, oscillator, and mixer. An optimum noise match near 50Ω up to 1 GHz, makes this device easy to use as a low noise amplifi er. The AT-42086 bipolar transistor is fabricated using Avago’s 10 GHz fT Self-Aligned-Transistor (SAT) process. The die is nitride passivated for surface protection. Excellent device uniformity, performance and reliability are produced by the use of ion-implantation, self-alignment techniques, and gold metalization in the fabrication of this device.