Brands Analog Devices
Date Code
Clean Part Number AD8676ARZ-REEL7
Quantity 3
Description The AD8676 precision operational amplifier offers ultralow offset, drift, and voltage noise combined with very low input bias currents over the full operating temperature range. The AD8676 is a precision, wide bandwidth op amp featuring railto-rail output swings and very low noise. Operation is fully specified from ±5 V to ±15 V. The AD8676 features a rail-to-rail output like that of the OP184, but with wide bandwidth and even lower voltage noise, combined with the precision and low power consumption like that of the industry-standard OP07 amplifier. Unlike other low noise, rail-to-rail op amps, the AD8676 has very low input bias current and low input current noise. With typical offset voltage of only 12 μV, offset drift of 0.2 μV/°C, and noise of only 0.10 μV p-p (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz), the AD8676 is perfectly suited for applications where large error sources cannot be tolerated. Precision instrumentation, PLL and other precision filter circuits, position and pressure sensors, medical instrumentation, and strain gage amplifiers benefit greatly from the very low noise, low input bias current, and wide bandwidth. Many systems can take advantage of the low noise, dc precision, and rail-to-rail output swing provided by the AD8676 to maximize SNR and dynamic range. The smaller packages and low power consumption afforded by the AD8676 allow maximum channel density or minimum board size for space-critical equipment. The AD8676 is specified for the extended industrial temperature range (−40°C to +125°C). The AD8676 is available in the 8-lead MSOP, and the popular 8-lead, narrow SOIC; both of which are lead-free packages. MSOP packaged devices are only available in tape and reel format. For the single version of this ultraprecision, rail-to-rail op amp, see the AD8675 data sheet. The AD8675 and AD8676 are members of a growing series of low noise op amps offered by Analog Devices, Inc.