TZY2Z060A001R00 Trimmer Variable Capacitors

TZY2Z060A001R00 Trimmer Variable Capacitors

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Shape SMD
Operating Temperature Range -25℃ to 85℃
Thickness 1.25mm
Thickness Tolerance max.
Rated Voltage 25Vdc
Cmin.(max.) 2.5pF
Cmax. 6pF
Cmax. Tolerance +100/-0%
Adjustment Direction Top
TC NP0±300ppm/℃
Q 500min. at 1MHz, Cmax.
Withstanding Voltage 55Vdc
Insulation Resistance(min.) 10000MΩ
Torque 0.7 to 4.9mNm
Mass 0.032g

1. Small and thin size with external dimensions of
2. New shape of cover can improve the flux invasion
compared with current products.
3. Improvement of the adhesion between rotor and
stator leads to superior stability.
4. Unique construction with no plastic material provides superior soldering
heat resistance to maintain excellent characteristic performance
after reflow soldering.

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