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DTCP content protection (TSB42AA4 only). A separate document explains the DTCP hardware errata for TSB42AA4. It is available upon request to DTLA licensees only.
Interfaces directly to industry standard 400-, 200-, and 100-Mbps physical layer devices, including Texas Instruments TSB41LV0X and TSB41AXX family of physical layer devices
Compliant with IEEE 1394-1995 and IEEE 1394a-2000 standards
MPEG2 time stamp-based release, as described in IEC 61883-4
High-speed data interface (HSDI):
Byte-wide or serial mode
Two independent HSDI ports
Several control modes for a variety of applications
Connects seamlessly to common MPEG2 decoder chipsets
16-bit microprocessor interface supports Motorola 68000/68020-style bus
Large 8K-byte FIFO can be configured up to eight independent Tx or Rx FIFOs
8K-byte FIFO supports the following data types:
DVB MPEG2 transport streams (IEC 61883-4)
DirecTV™L transport streams
DV program streams (IEC 61883-2)
Asynchronous streams
Support for external processor DMA
Programmable data-/space-available indications for flow control; almost full and almost empty indicators
Supports bus manager functions and automatic 1394 self-ID verification
Interrupt driven to minimize host polling
Single 3.3-V supply
Separate async acknowledge buffer decreases the ack-tracking burden on host
JTAG interface to support post-assembly scan of device I/O
Bus holder isolation
Embedded support for DTCP content protection:
Two M6 baseline ciphers (one per HSDI port)
Random number generator in hardware
SHA-1 secure hash algorithm in hardware
Authentication key cipher in hardware
Optional auto-configuration for MPEG2/DV transmit and receive functions
PID filtering and packet insertion for MPEG2 transport stream
DirecTV is a trademark of Hughes Communications, Inc.

Description for the TSB42AB4
Consumer Electronics Link (ceLynx) is a high-performance 1394 link layer device designed specifically to support advanced consumer electronics applications, particularly those applications which require the transmission of Moving Picture Expert Group 2 (MPEG2) transport streams and encryption/decryption of those streams across a 1394 network. The device supports both digital video broadcasting (DVB) and DirecTV™ type MPEG2 streams using the digital transmission content protection method (DTCP) method of encryption, as well as digital video (DV) encoded streams. The ceLynx supports both the IEC 61883 standard for DVB and DV streams over 1394 and the 1394 Trade Association standard for DirecTV over 1394.

The ceLynx is also versatile enough to handle asynchronous data and asynchronous streams. A key feature of the ceLynx is its ability to handle multiple data type streams simultaneously; the user may transport DVB, DirecTV, DV data streams, and asynchronous data simultaneously. The ceLynx can also support multiple streams of the same data type simultaneously, (for example, transmit or receive two DVB transport streams or two DV streams).

The ceLynx is full duplex, allowing simultaneous playback and recording of audio/video data. Full duplex support also includes the capability of using the DTCP method, simultaneously using the two embedded M6 cipher modules. The large internal 8-Kbyte FIFO is very flexible, allowing the user to partition it into eight independent first in first out (FIFOs) and allowing the user to determine the exact configuration of each of these FIFOs to fit the application. Advanced features have been added to support program ID (PID) filtering and packet insertions.

The ceLynx is also designed to interface seamlessly with popular MPEG2 decoder chipsets. This decreases the design-in effort of customers when using these popular chipsets.

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