EMK325ABJ107MM-T Taiyo Yuden, 1210 (3225M) 100μF MLCC 16V dc ±20% , SMD

EMK325ABJ107MM-T Taiyo Yuden, 1210 (3225M) 100μF MLCC 16V dc ±20% , SMD

Date Code: 2012
Price: $0.35

Monolithic structure provides higher reliability. A wide range of capacitance values available in standard case sizes. The use of nickel as electrode material and plating processing improve the solderability and heat resistance characteristics. It also prevents migration and raises the level of reliability. Low equivalent series resistance(ESR) provides superior noise absorption characteristics.

Item Summary 100 μF ± 20%, 16V, X5R, 1210/3225
Life cycle Stage Mass Production
Standard packaging quantity (minimum) Taping Embossed 1000pcs
Communication equipment (cellular phone, wireless applications, etc.)
General digital circuit
Power supply bypass capacitors: Liquid crystal modules, Liquid crystal drive voltage lines, LSI, IC, converters (both for input and output)
Smoothing capacitors: DC-DC converters (for both input and output), Switching power supplies (secondary side)

Dispatched From: United Kingdom
Clean mpn: EMK325ABJ1070MMT

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