DS2482S-100+T&R I2C to 1 Wire Bridge Device 8-Pin SOIC N

DS2482S-100+T&R I2C to 1 Wire Bridge Device 8-Pin SOIC N

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DS2482 Series 5 V 750 uA Surface Mount Single-Channel 1-Wire Master – SOIC-8

Key Features
Allows Easy Interface Between a I2C Microport and a 1-Wire Slave
I2C Host Interface Supports 100kHz and 400kHz I2C Communication Speeds
1-Wire Master IO with Selectable Active or Passive 1-Wire Pullup
Provides Reset/Presence, 8-Bit, Single-Bit, and 3-Bit 1-Wire IO Sequences
Standard and Overdrive 1-Wire Communication Speeds
Two Address Inputs for I2C Address Assignment
Minimizes Line Noise Reducing System EMI
Slew-Controlled 1-Wire Edges
Supports EEPROMs, Temperature Sensors, or Other 1-Wire Slaves That Have Momentary High SourceCurrent Modes
Strong 1-Wire Pullup Provided by an Internal Low-Impedance Signal Path
PCTLZ Output to Optionally Control an External MOSFET for Stronger Pullup Requirements
Operating Range: 2.9V to 5.5V, -40°C to +85°C
8-Pin (150 mils) SO and 9-Bump WLP Packages

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